What are you doing Manus?

I'm busy graduating from the Royal Academy of Arts, the Hague.
Come and see me and my talented classmates from June 30 until July 6. Info

No. Show me your work


What is your graduation about?

It's about topics surrounding the internet. How it works its way into our lives and how it's been designed to stay there, for instance. Three characters discuss these topics in my thesis called Control and Question. Thesis

I heard you do websites.
Do you have something new online, Manus?

Two websites I made recently: Yamuna Forzani Drenthe aan Zee

How do I get to know you, Manus?

To look = to get to know.

Current: dump12
2016 - 2017: dump11, dump10, dump9, dump8
2015 - 2016: dump7, dump6, dump5, dump4, dump3
2014 - 2015: dump2, dump1

Social media, Manus?

Yes, very much so. Twitter, Facebook. Instagram Or call me. +316 189 755 48